This _connect group is intended for the development and submission of Outline Proforma to the BBSRC call for Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy.


The following information is presented under each tab:


This tab presents the overall purpose of the Networks, the funding available, Town Meetings and the Call Timetable.

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Dr Adrian Higson (NNFCC), the Network Coordinator, is likley to post summaries of the dicussions on this tab. If your account settings permit weekly updates, a summary of the articles will arrive in your inbox on a weekly basis.


This is the tab you will use most. Please start, join and add to discussion threads to suggest and develop ideas for potential Networks. Dr Higson will also post regularly and there is a FAQ thread. You can receive updates on given discussions by subscribing to RSS feeds.


This tab is for information only.  BBSRC will holding two launch events in February.  You must register by emailing the correct form to nibb@bbsrc.ac.uk.  You cannot register via the _connect platform.


All members of this group are listed here.


All call documents are posted here, including the Call Text, Outline Proforma and Town Meeting Registration Form. 

Once your discussions have led to an idea for a Network, you can post drafts of your Outline Proforma in the appropriate folder. Everyone can read all documents, so you can see the other Outline Proforma under development. If two network proposals arise in very similar areas, you may wish to join forces. The final version of your Outline Proforma should be upoloaded as a PDF into the approprioate folder.

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