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The Ins and outs of pubic hair removal using a laser hair removal device.

Wear your bikini with confidence from now on
The most effective way to look your best in swimsuits or underwear is to wear them with confidence. 
However, one of the surest ways to diminish that confidence is to be constantly aware of visible pubic hairs or red, irritated shaving bumps. 
Laser hair removal's capacity to avoid these drawbacks combined with the fact that it's a permanent solution explains why it is now such a popular hair removal treatment for the bikini area. 
Avoid shavings unsightly drawbacks
Shaving is still women's most common pubic hair removal solution because women come to it by default; it's painless, quick, easy, and can be done at home. However, many women often look for alternatives after growing tired of shaving's drawbacks. 
As a hair removal strategy, shaving is by far the most short-lived; stubble can begin to appear in the pubic region as soon as the same day for some women. Moreover, this stubble can be rough, unsightly and also uncomfortable for boyfriends or husbands.
The most popular laser hair removal procedures
In 2019 almost 2.8 million Americans had laser hair removal treatment. Today the procedure has become even more common and it is projected to continue growing in popularity in the future. According to an investigation by the New York Times, a significant percentage of these laser hair removal procedures where targeted at the bikini area.
Women love the convenience
The reasons cited for this trend in laser pubic hair removal are convenience and the new fashion for less and less pubic hair in the bikini area. Women who are tired of interminable waxing regimes often turn to laser treatment as a permanent, time-saving solution.
No more stubble, redness, or irritation
The more pubic hair a client wants removed (and it's not uncommon today to go completely bare), the more laser hair removal makes sense because it enables the client to remove pubic hair without leaving behind stubble, traces of irritation, or lasting redness. Laser hair removal does not result in these side effects because the hair removal laser focuses only on the hair follicle, leaving the skin in the bikini area untouched, so no trace of the procedure is left behind.
Pain-free permanence
Another significant benefit of laser hair removal that has special relevance to pubic hair removal is the elimination of pain from the hair removal procedure. The amount of pain is a key factor to consider when looking into hair removal in the pubic region because it is a particularly sensitive area. 
Painful procedures like waxing and electrolysis are often ruled out in the bikini area because of the sheer level of discomfort they cause. Laser treatment, however, not only provides a more natural-looking and permanent hair removal solution, but there is also a consensus that it is the gentlest way to remove unwanted hair from the pubic region.
Because laser hair removal is a sophisticated procedure, it is best executed by an experienced specialist or using a dependable laser hair removal device that has been approved by a medical board. 
Depending on the type of hair, skin colour, and many other factors, the equipment and techniques used must be carefully selected in order to achieve optimal results. While it is true that darker hair and lighter skin colour make the laser technique easier to execute, a laser hair removal device will be able to match a procedure with your particular complexion in order to maximize the laser procedure's effectiveness regardless of the colour of your skin or hair.
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