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GreenBRIDGE Symposium - 25th/26th June 2012

GreenBRIDGE brings together graduate researchers and academics interested in sustainability in the built environment. It has established a network of over 200 individuals from both education and industry that engage in activities intended for capacity building and knowledge exchange.

This year, I am pleased to announce that GreenBRIDGE is organising a two-day summer symposium entitled:



25th-26th June 2012, in Cambridge, UK

The main objective of the symposium is to explore how sustainability is valued in the built environment, and gain a better understanding of how the values of different stakeholders, from developers and government bodies to everyday users, can affect the integration of the principles of sustainability into the built environment.

The key themes to be addressed will include among others:

  • Measurement: environmental impact assessment methods, certification schemes, models, decision-support techniques and tools, key performance indicators, etc;
  • Perspectives: stakeholder engagement, conflicting interests, partnerships, etc;
  • Applied Research: case studies, participatory research, ‘real-life’ projects, in any building typology or scale;
  • Timescale: risk and uncertainty, lifecycle thinking, etc.

The symposium will include paper and poster presentations, as well as interactive roundtable debates and workshop sessions.

For more details about the GreenBRIDGE symposium 2012 and to register please visit our website:

EEBE/LessEn Workplace Sustainability Survey

Energy consumption in workplaces is characterised by high transaction costs. As regulations tighten, how are your expectations of workplaces changing? Are you satisfied with the performance of your workplace?

The EEBE Research Programme at Cambridge Universities Centre for Sustainable Development is collaborating with LessEn to conduct a survey of UK commercial building occupiers. The aim is to understand current occupant perceptions towards the sustainability of their workplaces. It principally attempts to answer the following questions:

  • Are people satisfied with their workplace?
  • How can organisations and building owners improve workplace sustainability?
  • To what extent barriers might influence occupant perceptions of their workplace?

Share your views here: Workplace Performance Survey.

The survey is broken down into optional parts and will only take a few moments to complete. Please note this is a UK Survey.

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