To identify ALIP's priorities, we held consultations with other organisations, published a technology roadmap, and held priority-setting workshops. An industry-led steering group continues to guide us. It includes representatives from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the DoH and academia.

Priorities include the need to:

  • transfer and share knowledge between different industry sectors, health and care professionals, and users;
  • tailor assisted living technologies and services to the needs of each user;
  • design technologies and services that are desirable and affordable;
  • design technologies and services that are interoperable and work anytime and anywhere.

 We also recognised that scaling up delivery and generating true 'market pull' will be a challenge and that lessons from the WSD programme will need to guide future developments. New research into the societal and economic challenges, including understanding the patients/users of technology, their family and support networks is starting in the latter part of 2010. The complexities of the new business models that will provide the framework for industry and public sector investment are also being examined, while maintaining a keen business focus.

 ALIP's medium-term aim is to demonstrate the feasibility of new technology and new business and social models working together to deliver aspirational services at scale. A true step to mainstreaming in this vital area of social health care.