A little about Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP)

ALIP is delivering a wide ranging programme to enable the ageing population and those with long-term health conditions to live with greater independence.

The Long-Term Care Revolution- National Challenge

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Scoping reports for the Long Term Care Revolution SBRI Challenge – Now Available for Members to Access


The Assisted Living Innovation Platform team are pleased to announce that members can now access a series of scoping reports for the Long Term Care Revolution SBRI Challenge.


There are four reports in this series:


The status of housing provisions for older adults in the UK and other EU countries

This report outlines the case for a revolution in long term care and captures some of the supporting material that has aided the development of the Technology Strategy Board's 'Long Term Care Revolution' Programme.  It includes evidence about the views of older people and their carers in the UK, lessons from abroad, the implications for industry/providers and makes recommendations to government and industry leaders.

Written by Anthea Tinker, Leonie Kellaher, Jay Ginn and Eloi Ribe at the Institute of Gerontology, Department of Social Science Health and Medicine, King's College London for the Technology Strategy Board.

Reproduced here by the Health Tech and Medicines KTN


A study of innovatory models to support older people with disabilities in the Netherlands

This study was undertaken to see what can be learned from the experience of the Netherlands about long term care in order to inform policy, research and practice in the UK. The comprehensive analysis of the two countries has also been used to help the Technology Strategy Board's Programme - the Long Term Care Revolution – with examples of innovation and best practice in adult social care provision in a country similar to the UK in many ways. Of particular interest is that while the two countries are very similar in demographic profile and the experiences of the older generation, it is notable that according to official statistics older individuals remain disability-free for nearly half a decade longer in the Netherlands than in the UK.

Written by Anthea Tinker, Jay Ginn and Eloi Ribe at the Institute of Gerontology, Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine, King's College London for the Technology Strategy Board

Reproduced here by the HealthTech and Medicines KTN



This report has been prepared by Frost & Sullivan on behalf of the Technology Strategy Board and Assisted Living Innovation Platform, to support The Long Term Care Revolution programme launched on 8 April 2013. It sets out to examine the economic research in the current care market and to make some analyses/extrapolations of future market potential.  It therefore forms one aspect of the business case to invest new research, development and innovation for radical change in care provision which opens up the potential

for significant market growth in both products and services for the UK market and beyond.

Reproduced here by the HealthTech and Medicines KTN


The lived experience of older adults

The Lived Experience report has been produced by Experience Research and Consulting Limited and is one part of the overall social and economic research commissioned by the TSB. Intrinsic to the project was deemed to be an exploration of the lived experience of a range of people, either already in a long-term care setting,working in such a setting, or being at different life stage but with an eye to what the future might bring.

The Assisted Living UK Capabilities and Opportunities Online Map Update

This map is currently under review and will be republished very soon.

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