By joining the ALIP Group you will be able to network with business and innovation leaders working within this vital sector. The latest funding for related research from with the UK and across Europe will be announced here, and a busy calendar of the most important and interesting events will be continually updated by a dedicated KTN team.

 There is a comprehensive directory of projects, technology demonstrators and technology/service providers, based around an interactive UK map, and a rich resources section to provide background information for those new to the sector or wishing to obtain essential references for proposals or consortia building. As information from the ongoing ALIP technology, social and business research becomes available for dissemination, it will be posted on this site.

 We encourage members of the group to meet at events, seek out new business and research partners both online and 'real-time' and the KTN team is available to support as appropriate. There is the opportunity to set-up your own groups focussing on areas or particular interest. Please contact David Calder (details in contact us) for more information.