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How to Fix ‘AN UPDATE ERROR OCCURRED’ While Updating the Norton Antivirus?

Being a well-known Virus eliminator in world of viruses, Norton has several security solutions to deal with online frauds, scams, Trojans horses, and other cybercrimes.  But what are best features in it, it can be use in both software likewise in windows and Mac. The finest feature of Norton is that you don’t need to keep a habitual check on updates, scanning, and other procedures. Whenever an update is available, it will update automatically. But if you are getting message to update software, means you have turned off the auto update option.
And when you will be updating the software, you may face certain issues which will create hindrance to the process. The most ordinary is the “An update error occurred” message which appear on your screen. It is one of the most irritating problems with the process. And this happens because of Live Update servers. But it’s a very common problem, and this problem can be solved novices. You have to wait for 24 hours and then run the Live Update. If it doesn’t work, you can follow the steps given below.  Anyhow if still you are not able to resolve this issue you can contact "Norton Support Number" or vist website Norton to Fix norton error 8504 .
Steps to fix “an update error occurred” are:
 Steps for updating the virus definitions–
Step 1 :-  You will be downloading the virus definitions for your Norton Product from the official website of Norton.
Step 2  :- After that click twice on the downloaded file, and you will perceive some instructions on the screen which you need to follow
                 Run Live Update
Step 3 :- Began with starting the Norton Software, then you will see My Norton Window, and then open it.
Step 3 :- Next, you will see the main window where you have to click on Live Update
Step 3 :-  When you finished the Live Update, restart your Mac
These above mention steps will help you to resolve your problem.  Just need to follow them properly to fix this error.  However if these steps not help to resolve your issue related to update error.  You can call customer executive at Norton with best solution quickly. As these professionals are available round the clock in your service, you can call them whenever you want, and you will be endow with with a detailed and trustable solution on which you can rely and fix the issue. 
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