Computer boots slowly

Usually, users are faced with such a problem of slow loading suddenly, before the download was normal, and then the computer began to boot for a long time, which undoubtedly brings some discomfort.
Both viruses and much more may be to blame. However, the main stumbling block is most often the abundance of programs that start automatically when the computer is turned on.
When installing some programs, the user does not even suspect that the program itself decides what will be automatically loaded along with the operating system, other programs ask the user, and he can choose himself. The abundance of programs, in principle, burdens the operating system and it is likely that a large number of them will end up at startup.

The Cyber Security Specialist monitors systems for any unusual activities.  They conduct counteractive protocols and report incidents. 

The computer takes a long time to load, what should I do?
Long loading, of course, is annoying, but on the other hand it suggests that not everything is in order. First of all, you need to always be sure that the operating system is in order and that your PC is always protected from viruses. Then it is imperative to disable unnecessary applications, in the vastness of the Internet you will find many sites devoted to how this is done. But it is better to use the advice yourself if you understand the system device of the computer and are confident in the success of the enterprise.

Career as A IT Analyst

I do not recommend starting your work with outsourcing, because IT companies are now not only about development, but also about teamwork. It is more difficult to learn competent communication on outsourcing projects due to natural limitations. I think it makes sense to work for several years in the office, to develop as a developer, and only after that go to outsource if the office is completely unbearable. Buy a ticket and go to Bali!
Note that large companies are not homogeneous, the same differs from project to project. At the same time, it is much easier to enter large projects at the initial stages of a career, I went as an intern and made a career there. It is difficult to get into the position of a CTO or CIO due to the fact that most likely you will be the bearer of a different corporate culture, and you will almost certainly develop the habit of working and making decisions on your own, without looking at someone from above.
Know more about the IT analyst job salary.
Let's talk a little about choosing a programming language. The choice of languages ​​is now very large, you can find something to your liking. In my opinion, we definitely cannot do without a server side, no matter what project we are engaged in. Backend developers will always be in demand.
Naturally, mobile development is developing by leaps and bounds, mobile devices are becoming more and more and at the same time there are more and more mobile applications. As you know, the number of users of desktop applications is decreasing, while mobile applications are growing.

Cyber attacks by social engineers

Most often, both phishing emails and attacks by social engineers pursued one goal - infecting corporate networks with ransomware viruses. For example, in the summer of this year, a scandal erupted with the famous world brand Garmin.
The company, following high-tech trends, keeps most of its user databases in its cloud storage. It is from it that navigators pull up cartographic information, users of fitness watches - training data, and divers - dive logs. Suddenly, almost all Garmin devices lost access to the cloud, could not transmit information and, as a result, began to "slow down". Soon enough it turned out that the WastedLocker ransomware virus was loaded onto the company's cloud. According to inside information leaked to the media, the hackers demanded a ransom for providing decryption keys in the amount of 2,000 bitcoins: at the exchange rate at that time, this was about $ 20 million.
The Cyber Security Specialist monitors systems for any unusual activities.  They conduct counteractive protocols and report incidents.
One more “human factor” - negligence - has not bypassed the TOP threats. Of course, phishing and social engineering also target the inattention of the ultimate target of an attack - humans. But, it is much sadder when representatives of the security service or IT department show a careless attitude to data protection.
In 2020, about 80% of attacks exploited vulnerabilities registered in 2017 and earlier. And according to the CheckPoint report, about 20% of attacks were aimed at vulnerabilities discovered more than 7 years ago!
Statistics clearly show that businesses are still dismissive of timely and comprehensive software updates. Moreover, the "upgrade", according to leading experts in the field of information security, should equally concern both "office" software and security systems. This is the only way to close the maximum number of "holes", ensuring the relevance of versions and application compatibility.

What is a hard drive?

Simply put, a computer's hard drive is a type of technology that stores the operating system, applications, and data files that your computer uses to operate. The rest of the computer works together to display the applications and files you requested.
How it works
The hard drive consists of a rotating platter with storage cells. This data is your operating system, applications, and any files generated. There is also a lever that moves around the disk and reads the requested data. To speed up this process, the lever moves and the disc rotates.
Data cells can be spread over the entire surface of the disk. Therefore, the information is not recorded sequentially. An index system exists to find all the data you need.
The disc and lever are fragile, so they are hidden in an iron case for protection. Under normal operating conditions, this protects them from damage.
Computer System Analyst must read manuals and technical report to keep with the technological changes that meet your employer or client’s needs.

Study of computer programs

You have noticed that some of your acquaintances or colleagues are better than others versed in computer technologies and programs. Perhaps you have watched how they begin to deal with an unfamiliar program and after 5 minutes are ready to tell and show how to use it. Studying computer programs may seem like a complicated process, but if you know the principles of operation of all computer programs, then every user of a personal computer, regardless of age and gender, can master the functionality of each new program.
And in fact there is no secret here. The thing is that more experienced people who have been working with a computer for more than a year use their knowledge and experience of working with other programs when learning new ones. It is important to understand the general principles here, and then any program will be like an open book for you.
Pay attention to the prompts from computer programs
All programs have similar installation and operation principles. Once you've mastered one program, you can master many more. Of course, there are complex, specialized programs that will take more time, but they are within your power.
Pay attention to the messages and prompts of the programs. Many newer programs have a built-in guide that guides you through the program's interface (appearance) and introduces you to the main tools.
The Indeed salary estimate states that Computer Systems Analyst salary ranges from approximately $69,830 per year for Data Analyst to $86,486 per year for IT Analyst. 
And also pay attention to messages and pop-up windows of programs, thus, programs inform the user about the action being performed or an error that has occurred. Often this helps to quickly cope with the task.

Android Apps Found To Include Malware

Google does an admirable job of keeping its sprawling Play Store free of apps containing malware. Their verification system is world-class.

That said, no system is perfect, and that includes Google's. In recent months, the company has removed nearly a hundred apps that made it through their various gateways and checkpoints while containing all manner of malware.

Naturally, these were removed as soon as the issue was reported to Google, and now, it has happened again.

Czech antivirus company Avast recently reported that it found adware on 21 different apps on the Play Store. As of the time this article was written, Google has taken most of the offending apps down, but six still remain available to unsuspecting users.

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The names of the offending apps are:

  • Shoot Them
  • Crush Car
  • Rolling Scroll
  • Helicopter Attack
  • Assassin Legend
  • Helicopter Shoot
  • Rugby Pass
  • Flying Skateboard
  • Iron It
  • Shooting Run
  • Plant Monster
  • Find Hidden
  • Find 5 Differences
  • Rotate Shape
  • Jump Jump
  • Find the Difference - Puzzle Game
  • Sway Man
  • Money Destroyer
  • Desert Against
  • Cream Trip
  • Props Rescue

As you can tell by the titles, these are games aimed primarily at children. Kids generally aren't savvy enough to do even the most basic investigation to see whether an app is legit, or if it might be doing something nefarious behind the scenes. The truth is, many adults aren't tech savvy enough to do that either, which is how these apps are able to infect so many devices.

Evolution towards telework and evolution of access technology

In this year of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has markedly changed the way we work. This change has resulted in a considerable increase in remote work and the approval of a law that regulates teleworking. However, this rapid evolution towards remote work will make us have to deeply revise access technology in the business world, especially that related to cybersecurity.
This massive and sudden shift in the first half of 2020 towards remote work led to the adoption of cloud technology. The security implications of this transition will be seen in the years to come and we must be prepared to take appropriate action.
The Duo report on remote access
Cisco Duo Security , with its modern access security, is designed to protect all users, devices and applications. It offers secure access and a scalable and easy to implement SaaS solution that natively protects all applications. In addition, it allows intuitive authentication for users. In Duo's report on remote access, some interesting facts about this evolution for remote work could be obtained. Thus, we know that 78% of the workers surveyed worked at least 60% of the time at home in March this year.
Know more about the computer networking and their job roles.
Another noteworthy fact was the 72% increase in authentications of multifactorial remote technology and 85% in the use of policies to disallow SMS authentication. As for iOS devices, they were four times more likely to receive and install updates than Android devices. In addition, the use of biometric-enabled devices increased by 64%. Daily authentications in cloud applications also increased by 40% during the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic. The objective of these companies, at the time, was to continue working and guarantee safe access to their services.

What hinders successful threat hunting?

The survey highlights key challenges, limitations, and successes that organizations self-identify about their approach to threat hunting. Results indicate that threat hunting has arrived in the majority of organizations:
65% of respondent organizations report they are already performing some form of threat hunting
Another 29% are planning to implement threat hunting within the next 12 months
With the concept of threat hunting being relatively new for many organizations, however, only 29% of respondents consider themselves mature or very mature in their threat hunting, with nearly 68% self-identifying their threat hunting as immature or still maturing.
Struggling to attract qualified threat hunters
Many organizations indicate that one of their top challenges is finding and employing the right experts to enable them to maintain an advanced threat hunting operation. A second main challenge respondents face is the quality of threat intelligence upon which their threat hunting is based.
Even though many organizations struggle to attract qualified threat hunters, only 21% of respondents currently outsource their threat hunting activities to external parties. Despite that, the majority of respondents rely on externally produced threat intelligence, yet only one-third of respondents claim they are highly satisfied with their sources. This presents an opportunity for organizations to improve, as well-curated threat intelligence can be leveraged to augment inexperienced threat hunters.
Measuring the benefit of threat hunting
The survey data also showed that organizations are beginning to have methodologies in place that enable them to measure the benefit of threat hunting, which bodes well for broader industry.
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“Measuring the benefits of threat hunting is important,” Fuchs says. “Good threat hunting means that you probably never hear from these teams. The only indication for upper management that threat hunting even exists is that they have to foot the bill. That might be a tough sell, so if we have more ways to express the benefit of threat hunting, funding might get better, which ultimately might advance the general maturity level of threat hunting in the industry.”

Ransomware operators lurk on your network

When a company suffers a ransomware attack, many victims feel that the attackers quickly deploy the ransomware and leave so they won't get caught. Unfortunately, the reality is much different as threat actors are not so quick to give up a resource that they worked so hard to control.
Instead, ransomware attacks are conducted over time, ranging from a day to even a month, starting with a ransomware operator breaching a network. 
This breach is through exposed remote desktop services, vulnerabilities in VPN software, or via remote access given by malware such as TrickBot, Dridex, and QakBot.
As they gain access to computers on the network, they use these credentials to steal unencrypted files from backup devices and servers before deploying the ransomware attack.
Once the ransomware is deployed, many victims have told BleepingComputer that while their network is still compromised, they think the ransomware operators are now gone from the system.
This belief is far from the truth, as illustrated by a recent attack by the Maze Ransomware operators.

Looking up IT jobs salary

IT job salary information can be difficult to figure out.  It is important when looking at potential employment to have a basic salary calculation.  Many employers enforce an unwritten rule about not speaking about salaries.  The problem is it really does vary depending upon a lot of factors. Where you live is the number one determination. The type of job it is the number two factor. Finally, a combination of experience, education, and certifications will also change the average pay.  Trying to figure out what a specific IT job salary might be used to be difficult, but now there are a few ways of getting decent information.
I recommend using Glassdoor, Payscale, and LinkedIn to estimate your potential salaries.  Glassdoor and LinkedIn are great swiss army knife type tools.  Payscale provides great in-depth information.
Know more about the network installer salary.
To make things simple, I’m going to use a helpdesk job in New York City and Ontario as an example.  I picked something I know would be easy to find.  Remember that salaries differ from place to place. 
If you don’t already have a Glassdoor account, you need to create one to get this information.  They are a great tool to get company-specific salary information.  They also have employee reviews of companies including atmosphere, benefits information or reviews, and sometimes specific interview questions.  In the picture above they have your dashboard.  I created an account for infosecjon!

Who is legally responsible for cyber security?

Legal responsibility varies significantly across countries. As most readers will be aware, an increasing number of countries have privacy and/or security legislation which specifically addresses responsibility for cyber security. Through 2020 and beyond, expect to see new cyber security specific laws and guidance, not least given the promulgation of artificial intelligence and the need for security in this area.

Often, legislation puts legal responsibility on both the technology supplier and the company adopting the technology. In Europe and the UK, for example, whilst responsibility for security is embedded in security specific laws and guidance as well as upcoming laws, arguably the most impactful security-focused legislation is enshrined in privacy legislation.
Know more about the cyber security consultants.
EU / UK data protection laws (the GDPR and local implementing legislation) place significant responsibility on both technology companies and companies to seek to ensure security and to deal with breaches in a compliant way. Put simply, under those laws, the data controller (generally the company using the video conferencing facilities in the above scenarios) should only use processors (in this case generally the tech companies providing the video conferencing facilities) providing sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures in such a manner that processing will meet the requirements of privacy laws and protect the rights of the data subject (here, generally the employee).

Does Cyber Security Have an ‘Official’ Certification?

While security remains a hot topic, experts tell Dice that there is no one single cyber security certification that acts as a standard for the entire industry. 
Industry insiders believe that whether to gain a cyber security certificate truly depends on what a security professional’s end-goal is. Do they want to enter the manager track and eventually become a CISO? Or does a candidate want to specialize in a particular field, such as containers or Kubernetes, said Leo Pate, an application security consultant at nVisium, a Virginia-based application security provider.
“It depends on what you’re trying to learn and where you are going to work,” Pate said. “Not all certifications are created equal, so make sure the one you are spending time, money, and energy into obtaining is ‘worth’ it.”
Learn more: IT analyst salary

I.T. Certifications Currently in Demand

Information Technology (I.T.) is the fastest growing industry in the market. It saw an almost $400 billion increase in five years, going from $2.08 trillion in 2014 to over $2.64 trillion in 2019. For those looking to start a new career path or looking to change their careers at whatever age, the tech industry is a perfect place to do so.
A certificate in I.T. will also help with one’s job retention and promotion, as well as building meaningful connections. It’s important to note that professional connections account for 85% of job placements, regardless of industry. And there’s no better time to start networking than when you’re taking a certification course. Together with MyComputerCareer, you can take full advantage of what I.T. certifications have to offer, so contact us today for more information! 
Know more @ comptia project plus
If you decide that this is the best course of action for you, becoming certified in the field should be your top priority. Also, you can make it in the industry without a degree; certified Information Technology professionals have several benefits over their non-certified peers. 
For starters, earning one or more certificates will provide you with validation and credibility in the eyes of employers. In fact, a certified professional will see an average increase in their professional credibility by 95.4% and a validation of their specialized knowledge by 97.9%. In addition, passing a certification exam provides proof of their accountability by 87.4% and will see a general confidence boost of 88.2%. It’s also important to note that certified professionals earn around 13.7% more than their peers.

Information Technology Salaries

The average salaries in the IT industry depend on your job profile, your place of posting, and your knowledge, experience, and skills.
A junior software engineer (as a fresher) can expect to earn between Rs. 1.2 lakh and Rs. 3.6 lakh annually, an associate software engineer about Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 7.5 lakh, a senior software engineer Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 12 lakh, and a lead software engineer Rs. 5.5 lakh to Rs. 16 lakh.
A project manager in software development can hope to earn between Rs. 7 lakh and Rs. 20 lakh, a product manager (software) between Rs. 6.25 lakh and Rs. 26 lakh, and a software development manager between Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 34 lakh.
The annual salaries for some of these positions in the US are as follows: junior software engineer – $35,000 to $72,000; associate software engineer – $46,000 to $92,000; and senior/lead software engineer – $77,000 to $145,000.
With the introduction of new technologies such as cloud computing, and the requirement of talented personnel growing, the salaries are likely to continue their upward trend.
Details of salaries according to job title and experience and other interesting data and useful information about IT jobs are available at

Consider for Contingent Workers

For years, companies only hired contingent workers for low-value work like administrative support, back-filling for leaves of absence, or light general labor. But as we all know, that’s begun to change. Upwork and the Freelancers Union conducted a survey recently that found that 36 % of the U.S. freelanced in 2017, and more than half are expected to be freelancing by 2027.
Statistically speaking, half of your workforce will be contingent in less than a decade. Have you considered what roles those workers will fill on your team? The next time one of the following positions opens up at your firm, consider a contingent worker:
1. Highly technical positions
Imagine if we’d tried to hire a full-time SQL developer. We might have been recruiting for months, and, assuming we found someone, we probably would’ve broken our labor budget to hire her.
Contingent workers allow companies that don’t currently have technical skills on staff to bring them on in a lower-cost way. Contingent web developers, data scientists, and systems administrators are easier to find and can be paid on a per-project basis. Being open to remote workers will enable you to broaden your search while saving desk space and other resources.
2. Roles where you’re struggling to find the right fit
Whether the position is notoriously hard to retain or you’re committed to finding the perfect person to fill it, consider contingent workers for a ‘temp to hire’ model. That way, you can make sure your hire has the right skills and temperament to succeed before investing in him in a big way. The worst thing that can happen is that you release the worker from his contract and try again.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

A Storage Area Network or SAN is a network that has been designed for storing and transferring files. This network setup is often made up of servers with large storage capacity and special switches and interface cards.
There are many reasons why any organization would make use of a Storage Area Network, and one of them is to provide a safe place for storing important files and for providing a fast network for backing up files.
Storage Area Networks are often designed to have high availability, because files must be accessible at any given time. Also, a SAN might not use the classical TCP/IP used in other computer networks but some special protocols such as Fiber Channel Protocol, SCSI over FCP etc.

Wireless Local Area Networking

What Does WLAN Mean?
WLAN means wireless local area network. A WLAN can be built using any of several different wireless network protocols, most commonly Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Network security remains an important issue for WLANs. Wireless clients usually have their identity verified (a process called authentication) when joining a wireless LAN. Technologies such as WPA raise the level of security on wireless networks to rival that of traditional wired networks.
Read more: one stop MOS
A WLAN can contain as few as two devices and as many as one hundred or more. However, wireless networks become increasingly difficult to manage as the number of devices increases.

Virtual Network Gateway

The Virtual Network Gateway is the VPN endpoint inside the Azure Stack Hub environment. In an ASDK, this is a shared service, which runs on a single Azure Stack Infrastructure VM that we've previously spoken about, in this case AzS-GWY01. This being the case, the external IP address for every Virtual Network Gateway in the ASDK here is always the same, and is the IP address of AzS-GWY01. It's interesting to note that this prevents us from ever doing a Site to Site VPN between VNets inside an Azure Stack Hub, as both ends of the VPN would share the same IP address.
Name the Virtual Network Gateway, and choose a SKU for it. SKU considerations are here, really the main thing we need to consider for this scenario is bandwidth, so we choose the High Performance SKU.
Read more about the technician workstation.
Note that when creating a Public IP Address for this, it'll assign a Dynamic IP address. You cannot change this - the IP will be assigned after creation and will be the same as the Public IP of the AzS-GWY01 Infrastructure VM, even though it says it's Dynamic.

Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS)

Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) acts as an agent similar to firewalls, antivirus software, and spyware-detection programs on the host system and monitors and analyzes the activities and the state of the host. The sensors used in HIDS usually have a software agent attached with them.
As the definitions suggest, HIDS monitors the specific host-based activities and NIDS analyzes the network traffic. NIDS makes it difficult for the hacker to intrude into the system as NIDS can detect an attack beforehand. On the other hand, HIDS gets to know about the attack only when it has already breached the system. This actually gives an upper hand to NIDS. However, although NIDS can cover broad networks by using scans and probes and HIDS comes into action only after a breach HIDS is still capable of preventing the host from damage. And that is why incorporating both NIDS and HIDS would be the optimal solution to secure your network.
Mobile Device Security
All security measures that are designed to protect data, either stored on or transmitted by mobile devices (such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets) fall under the Mobile Device Security type. With IT organizations switching to mobile devices for the support of corporate applications, it is important to control the devices accessing your network.

Network Security Payoffs

Network security has a number of benefits for defending your clients’ businesses against threats.
Obviously the number one advantage is minimizing the level of risk for attacks, infections, and breaches. For most companies, reaching an acceptable level of security can be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve on their own, even for organizations that have their own IT staff and help desk.
With the right network security tools, however, MSPs can offload the security yoke from organizations and protect their clients’ computer systems, networks, files, and data from attacks and breaches.
Keeping files free from infection is particularly important in today’s collaborative workplace, where information is shared among co-workers inside a company as well as with partners, consultants, analysts, and others outside the company.
Read more @ LAN protocols
Network security also keeps sensitive data, such as personal information and confidential business materials, away from unauthorized individuals. The impact resulting from a breach of this data can cause significant and long-lasting financial and legal consequences, embarrassment, and ruined reputations. Companies that are subject to the scrutiny of regulatory standards such as HIPAA PCI DSS, NERC CIP, and SOX might also be subject to legal implications and hefty penalties.
Besides these benefits, a network security system offers additional advantages that may be less obvious, but are just as critical to a company’s business operations.
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