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How to Use Mobility to Your Advantage on the Hunt

With mobile technology weaving its way into people's lives, it's becoming easier to perform daily tasks no matter where you are, whether you're using it to check emails, secure your home, or get directions. With these advances come opportunities to do so much more with your time and resources. Among one of the many mobile advances, it makes job hunting easier. Check out these ways you can use this technology to benefit you job search.

Expand Your Options With Enterprise Mobility

One of the biggest steps forward in mobile technology today is enterprise mobility, the concept of having employees work out of the office and on mobile devices and cloud services to complete projects and business tasks. Today, about 10 percent of people work from home daily, and another 10 percent telecommute frequently worldwide, reports the Huffington Post.

Some jobs simply aren't fit for telecommuting, such as those that require hands-on operations, but many other jobs today don't require you to work in-person and can be done online instead. Some examples include teaching, counseling, event planning, designing, accounting, and more. The good news for people in these fields is that they can expand their job search to find more job openings, meaning that even if they live in California, they can work for a company based in New York.

Cut Down On Search Time

Recent job data shows that in November 2013, 183,000 new jobs were created. Mobile technology offers a fairly quick and simple way to discover these job openings. To start with, you can easily access job search websites to receive a list of job openings in your field and regional area.

But mobile technology can take it even one step farther. With job search mobile apps, you can search for jobs on-the-go, save your searches, and even receive updates on new job openings you might be interested in based on your previous searches. Some companies even send text alerts when a job opens, so make sure you sign up for these alerts with companies you're interested in working with. By utilizing several of these websites and apps at once, you can gain access to even more options so that you can quit hunting and start working.

Stay in Touch on Your Hunt

Today, the number one activity people perform on their mobile devices is accessing social media. If you're like 71 percent of those people surveyed in the Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey who reported they do this, then your job hunt just became a lot easier.

The more you stay in touch with job openings, network with people, and keep up-to-date on the latest news, the better chance you'll have of finding and landing jobs in your field. One of the best places to start with social media is LinkedIn, where you can do all this while on-the-go.

Stay On-Task With Your Search

Since the average person applies to more than one job at a time, keeping track of it all can get a bit crazy. But with mobile technology, you can use calendars, alarms, and other functions to stay on-task while you search. Consider these tips to use your device to your advantage while on-the-go:

  • Mark your calendar for application due dates and interviews.
  • Indicate when you've applied for a job so you know which ones you still have to apply for.
  • Remember job opening contact information by saving it on your device. If the company calls back, then you'll know who it is.
  • Set alarm reminders to make sure you meet deadlines and interview times.
  • Use your calendar to set weekly goals.
  • Use cloud-based programs, such as Dropbox, to save your resume and other files so you can access them from your mobile device.

With all these advantages that mobile technology can have on your job search, it's time to start utilizing these options to help improve your job hunting efforts if you aren't taking advantage of them already. If you want to learn more about how mobile technology can change your job search, read this article for more information.

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