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How to Use Skipity to Discover Interesting Content Online

How to Use Skipity to Discover Interesting Content OnlineThere's so much content on the Internet today that users have come to rely on various platforms to find things that might interest them, rather than just hopping onto a browser and typing in search terms. The way people give and receive these recommendations for websites, videos, games and other content is called "curation," just like museums have curators who decide what works of art will hang on the walls. Most content curation depends on social media, but there's a new tool called Skipity that lets users find new content on their own with ease.

What is Skipity?

Skipity is essentially a browser add-on that's currently compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers for Windows or OSx. Minimally, it is a button in the browser window that uses a mix of search terms, categories, and browser history to direct users to content they may not have seen. This content can include websites, blogs, YouTube videos, and images.

How Does Skipity Find Content?

Skipity takes a mixed approach to content curation. At its core, the application is driven by real people. Skipity's professional curators scour the Internet for content, then assign individual items to one of 34 categories. Users customize a personal profile and assign parameters to their preferred searches, telling the app which categories to include, exclude or keep neutral.

  • All "included" content will always show up.
  • All "excluded" content will never show up.
  • Neutral content (no checkmark at all) only shows up when it's also tagged with "included" categories.

Skipity adds tagged content all the time, so every search is likely to bring up something unique.

What's It Like to Use Skipity?

The Skipity experience has been designed to be quick and simple for users, especially because it's more about casual entertainment than serious searches. If a user wants to find specific information, search engines do a fine job. Skipity is about finding new content based on a user's likes and dislikes, minus the sometimes-laborious searches through social media and other curation platforms that depend on user promotions, i.e. Likes, +1, etc.

Using Skipity is as simple as pressing the Skipity Button, which automatically redirects to new content. This can be done at any time and as many times in a row as the user wishes. In a way, it's reminiscent of flipping through the channels on TV, but where every channel has been tailored to your tastes and the number of channels is infinite.

Social Media Integration

At this time, Skipity has a few add-ons that make it a bit more accessible, including a toolbar and a Facebook notification system. The Facebook system lets logged-in Skipity users know when there's something new or different about their personal profile.

Why Use Skipity?

The main draw of Skipity is the curation aspect. While traditional content curation depends on virality (how many other people like the content), Skipity is more about the individual user's tastes. A website or video doesn't have to be one of the most-watched things on the Internet today to come up in a Skipity jump. It's faster than a lot of content depositories, and it gets both more accurate and more varied with time.

You won't love every place Skipity takes you, but the app lets you navigate away to something fresh in an instant, so off-the-mark content doesn't really take away from the experience. It's also easy to let the app know what you want to see just for today by changing which categories are included, excluded or neutral. In short, on those days when all you want is funny pet videos, that's what Skipity will give you, but more variety is just a few clicks away.

Skipity isn't a replacement for other kinds of content curation, though it's not meant to be. It's personalized rather than inherently social and it's infinite rather than dependent on what other people post. That experience makes it at once convenient, casual and potentially very addictive.

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