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Tackling waste in the food supply chain: short survey request


The UK’s Global Food Security Programme is currently undertaking a review of waste and what is known about it. Global Food Security is a multi-agency programme bringing together the interests of the Research Councils, Executive Agencies and Government Departments to meet the challenge of providing the world’s growing population with a sustainable, secure supply of nutritious food from less land and using fewer inputs..


Increasingly, alongside raising production, managing food’s “demand side” is seen as instrumental in coping with increasing global food insecurity.  An important element of decreasing the demand for food is managing waste better.  

With this in mind Global Food Security have created a survey to capture perspectives on where the major causes of food waste occur, and to identify priority areas of research which may potentially address these issues. This information is important for shaping the research agenda to find ways to tackle it throughout the supply-chain (from farm to fork to bin). This survey only takes 10 minutes to complete and will help build a clearer picture of this complex issue.


Click HERE to access the Food Waste Survey



sent on behalf of Dr Mark Bond

GFS Food Waste Review Project




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