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Dr Anne Miller

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New Global Phosphate Network Launched

The GLOBAL PHOSPHORUS NETWORK ( is now up and running. Membership is free and by becoming a member, you will be able to join the growing global network of scientists, policy-makers, practitioners and individuals with an interest in sustainable use of phosphorus to ensure the world’s food needs are met in the long-term future. 


 to become a member



Without phosphorus, we cannot produce food. Our main source of phosphorus is finite and becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. Yet our leaders don't have a plan for ensuring all the world's farmers have access to sufficient phosphorus to grow enough food to feed the world in the long term. Phosphorus is currently wasted and is polluting our waters as we mine it, apply it to fields as fertilizers and excrete it from the food we consume. If we're smart, we can instead capture and reuse phosphorus efficiently. But we need to take action now.



Help be part of the solution - learn, discuss, debate, act with sustainable phosphorus use scientists, innovators and policy-makers from around the world. 



News & events:read latest news on sustainable P policies, discoveries, views & upcoming events

Discussion forum:Debate & discuss the key current policies, science, technologies, perspectives & mobilize action

Library:One-stop-shop for all reports, articles, resources and links related to sustainable P issues

Member directory:Find other sustainable P people from around the world

Feedback:Members are invited to suggest news, events, discussion topics, resources and other items



All issues of global relevance related to sustainable phosphorus use, food security and environmental protection, including:

Global phosphate reserves

Phosphorus & food security

Phosphorus use efficiency

Phosphorus recovery & reuse

Phosphorus pollution & waste

Phosphorus – general sustainability

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