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New Agri-food Innovation research call announced: Consortium building events in February


Sustainable Agriculture and Food Innovation Platform Consortium building events

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) in partnership with Defra, BBSRC & the Scottish Government will soon be launching the second call of the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Innovation Platform. The call will focus on collaborative R&D projects aimed at meeting the challenge of ‘Sustainable Protein Production’.

In preparation for the call there will be a series of one day consortium building events:

11th February - Edinburgh (Primary focus: All aspects including aquaculture)

15th February - Newport (Primary focus: Ruminant livestock and grassland)

17th February - Peterborough (Primary focus: vegetable protein and pigs & poultry)

Sorry aboutthe short notice of these dates, this was due to a delay in the competition being signed off.

Further details on the consortium building events will be sent out next week, but in the meantime please try and put at least one of these dates in your diary.

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