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Defra Green Food Project report launched today

In the Natural Environment White Paper, published in June 2011, there was a commitment to „bring together Government, industry and environmental partners to reconcile how we will achieve our goals of improving the environment and increasing food production". Defra's Green Food Project brought together representatives of farmers, manufacturers, retailers, caterers, environmentalists and scientists to work out how to reconcile the competing demands of producing more food and improving the environment.


Launched today at the Great Yorkshire Show, the initial report of the Green Food Project sets out the first steps on the road to: using less energy and water in food production; increasing crop yields; introducing more innovative technology; improving conservation management; and boosting numbers of talented, entrepreneurial young people making careers in the food industry.

Jim Paice said at the launch: “With our increasingly hungry world every country must play its part to produce more food and improve the environment. Britain already punches above its weight, but we’re a small island with limited space, so we’ve got to show leadership and play to our strengths more efficiently.

“We’re not talking about setting Soviet-style targets but an overall approach in which the whole food chain pulls together. Whether it means embracing new farming technology or people wasting less, we’ve got to become more sustainable.”

More on this and the report is downloadable at:

Supporting the work of the Green Food Project LEAF, Syngenta and the ESKTN held a workshop in March, supported by the UK Food Chain Alliance and BBSRC, outputs from which are avalable here.


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