Anne Miller

Dr Anne Miller

Associate Director - Research

Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network


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New opportunities to improve soil and crop management and another great networking event!


We were certainly in the right venue to be talking about innovation and the opportunities presented by new technologies for tackling enviromental challenges, under the gaze of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace, who were in the same room when they announced their theory of Natural Selection more than 150 years earlier.


The workshop which was run in partnership between our KTN and Biosciences KTN attracted plenty of diversity, both in the 80 or more participants (who came from across the research community, industry, farmers and growers) and in the topics covered during a very packed day.


The shift from a chemical to a biological basis for crop production and soil management was highlighted from the start of the day, followed by exploring the potential importance of applied maths and physics in developing new models which will facilitate more efficient use of resources and also achieve better outputs in terms of yields and environmental protection.


Plenty of discussion and networking, everyone keen to exchange ideas and information that will help us to respond effectively to challenges such as climate change, drought and more sustainable ways of combatting pests and diseases and maintaining crop production and soil health.


Well done to Tom Jenkins and his team for putting together such a stimulating day!

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