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A little more about Aneal...

What is Building Monitoring?
It's a way to find out exactly how a piece of equipment, a dwelling or other building, or a building occupant actually behaves in the real world.

What can Parity monitor?
Anything that can be measured using electronic metering. A range of examples include:

  • Basic information, such as electricity and gas use, temperatures and humidity and lighting levels.
  • Performance of insulation materials and other building elements (by measuring temperature gradients through an element)
  • Actual outputs of renewable systems and low carbon technologies, compared with inputs such as solar insolation or wind speed
  • Behaviour - such as noting when windows are opened, or when heating systems switch on and off

Although building monitoring is easiest to install when a dwelling is built, or when a technology is installed, we have installed monitoring systems in existing buildings and on existing installations.




System design
A badly designed monitoring system provides data but not information. We will work with to to understand what you are trying to monitor and come up with a design that will give you good information - an importantly only require the kit you need to collect that information.

Installation and Support
The handover only occurs once the kit is installed and your can see your data and information.

We'll set up service level agreements that make sure you get good information throughout.

Real time graphical display
You don't need to visit the site to get the information from your system. The monitoring data is sent via the mobile network and presented in a website that has been designed for you.

Interactive display
You can change the settings on your website to see real-time or historic data and change the time periods on show.  You can also download the data to do detailed data mining and analysis.