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Dr Andy Hebb

Business Development Manager

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Bioplastics - partners sought

I'm currently representing a leading supplier of engineered plastic foams and related technologies who are looking to engage in joint ventures with partners who can provide the following:

1.  Suitable Bio-PP or Bio-PE materials which can be blended with their standard polymers at 10 and 15% loadings and then expanded (foamed).

2.  Any (non-food-chain impacting) BIO polymer technology that can displace existing polymers (i.e. polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, nylon etc) and be used for physical expansion.

Bio-plastics (i.e. new PE/PP resins) that are 90% bio-based are also of interest, PLA is not.  My client would prefer to engage via joint ventures - not as a passive investor.  Solutions offered must be sustainable, recyclable and fit within their end of life standards.  Any resulting IP could potentially be exploited globally so relevant patents would be a bonus.

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