Advanced Materials Leadership Council
The UK Government established the Advanced Materials Leadership Council (AMLC) in December 2014 to provide strategic advice and strong leadership to enable accelerated development of advanced materials applications for the benefit of the UK.

The development and manufacture of advanced materials is strategically important to the growth of the UK economy. UK businesses that produce and process materials have a turnover of around £170bn , represent 15% of the country's GDP and have exports valued at £50bn. The extreme diversity of advanced materials means that they have the potential to improve products or create new applications in a wide range of sectors; including those areas where the UK has industrial strategies.  
Advanced materials were identified by the Government as one of the "eight great technologies" where the UK can be world leading due to the UK's long-established reputation for excellent materials science and related industrial strengths.   Government wants to capitalise on the innovation potential within UK materials research and also build the skills that the UK will need for the future. This requires strong leadership across the innovation pipeline. 
In order to help bring about the leadership, ensure greater connectivity and provide a clear national focus to the whole innovation system for advanced materials, the Minister for Universities, Science and Cities (the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP) agreed to chair a new Advanced Materials Leadership Council, with Jack Boyer (Chairman of ilika plc) as industry vice chair; alongside Sir Mark Walport (Chief Scientific Adviser to HM Government). 

AMLC vision

The Advanced Materials Leadership Council will work together to be a coherent voice for advanced materials and will bring together academia, industry, skills providers and centres of excellence.  It will aim to influence government policy; build capability (including research) and infrastructure (including supply chains) and help address the need for skilled people in order to secure UK growth.


AMLC aims

In 2015/16, the AMLC will work with the Research Councils, Innovate UK, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and others to understand the UK research and innovation landscape for Advanced Materials; identify a set of strategic opportunities that will generate additional investment; identify roadblocks and methods for overcoming them; and publish a strategic vision. 

What are "Advanced Materials"?
"Advanced materials" can be defined as materials designed for targeted properties and includes both completely new materials and those that are developments on traditional materials. Such materials show novel or improved structural and/or functional properties.