Algae as a tool in ecosystem services: Microalgae to aviation biofuels

24th November 2015, Birmingham Airport


Algae as a tool in ecosystem services: Microalgae to aviation biofuels aimed to bring together the whole supply chain from microalgae growers, to fuel developers, to airline companies to understand the opportunities and challenges to developing this technology in the UK.

Just over 70 delegates from across the supply chain registered to attend the event and on the day provided constructive discussion and input.


Workshop highlights

  • Incentivisation scheme required for development of aviation biofuels in similar way to road transport schemes
  • More investment required for pilot and demonstration scale facilities
  • Support for SMEs
  • A more cohesive supply chain is required
  • When developing a new aviation fuel, ensure airplane manufacturers are involved
  • More government support
  • Microalgae/biofuel blend between 10 and 50% is required (Drop in)
  • All new fuels need to be certified
  • Techno-economics of microalgae to jet fuel has polarised community
  • TUI Group & Airbus building microalgae pilot plants
  • Key drivers for SAF: Price, security of supply and sustainability
  • Microalgae part of the solution and not a silver bullet
  • Need positive investment landscape
  • Big oil companies are still interested in biofuels – E.g. EXXON Mobile run the ASTM certification process

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Event Presentations


Microalgae as a sustainable aviation fuel: Setting the scene
Chair: Adrian Higson, Lead Consultant Biobased Products, NNFCC


Developing microalgae as a sustainable aviation fuel: Challenges and Opportunities
Chair: Michael Booth, Strategy & Policy Manager, BBSRC


Developing microalgae as a sustainable aviation fuel II
Chair: Michele Stanley, Centre Lead for Marine Biotechnology, SAMS


Panel Discussion: Identifying the opportunities towards a microalgae aviation fuel industry in the UK
Moderator: Chris Lewis, Visiting Professor University of Sheffield
Panel: Richard Mills, Boeing; Xavier Dommange, Independent; Aaron Berry, DfT; Keith Bushell, Airbus OL; Magdalena Golebiewska, Airline Environment Manager, Thomson Airways; James Hygate, Green Fuels Research


Next Steps... Funding and Strategy

Event Report

Sustainable Fuels UK Road Map

Microalgae Capability Database

AB SIG and PHYCONET are developing an Industry 'Wish-List' and Capability Database for Microalgae to provide businesses and researchers with a clearer understanding of the molecules and/or functionality that end-users are seeking. 



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