Commercialising Microalgae: Determining Industry Needs

16 June 2015, Birmingham


The Algal Bioenergy Special Interest Group (ABSIG) and PHYCONET (a BBSRC NIBB) collaborated to deliver this workshop with the objective of stimulating the development of a robust microalgae-based industry.

To achieve this, businesses and researchers require a clearer understanding of the molecules and/or functionality end-users seek to aid them focus their microalgae R&D. This in turn will drive innovation and deliver on the global bioeconomy agenda.

The format of the workshop consisted of brief presentations from industry and academia followed by an ‘Industry Wish-List' Workshop with the objective of building up the value chain towards a microalgae-derived molecule. The objective was to aid the microalgae community to identify the required molecules and/or functionality and begin the process of building connections.



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Industry Perspectives

Chair: Saul Purton, UCL

  • Unilever - René Draaisma, Project Leader

  • Sampson Solutions Ltd - Colleen Becker, Director

  • Orkla Health - Norway Tonje Dominguez, Scientific Advisor/Product Developer


Chair: Janet Waterhouse, UCL & PHYCONET

Industry ‘Wish-List' Workshop
Facilitators: Saul Purton, Michelle Carter & Janet Waterhouse

Overview of workshop - Michelle Carter, KTN & ABSIG

Microalgae Capability Database

AB SIG and PHYCONET are developing an Industry 'Wish-List' and Capability Database for Microalgae to provide businesses and researchers with a clearer understanding of the molecules and/or functionality that end-users are seeking. 



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Workshop Booklet

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