Establishing opportunities for collaboration in algal RD&D


8-9 December 2011, London


Workshop Overview

This international workshop was organized to better understand the commercial opportunities and environmental challenges of using algal biomass across a range of market sectors. The workshop considered how the UK, French and Canadian science base together with industry can build on their knowledge and expertise in algal technology to establish new market opportunities in the emerging biofuel and biochemical industries, the food and feed sectors, the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors and for personal-care products.


Algal Biofuels

There has been significant interest recently in the potential to use algae as a renewable feedstock for the production of liquid transport fuels. Whilst the algal biofuels industry is not yet operating at a commercial-scale, forecasts predict this sector will have a market value of $1.6 bn in 2015. Algal-derived bioproducts are already a multi-billion dollar industry, with existing markets in the food, nutraceutical, personal care and pharmaceutical sectors.

There could also be significant opportunities to use algae in the animal feed and nutrition market, with increasing demand for meat and dairy products from emerging economies and the challenges facing the agriculture sector to meet the food requirements of a global population predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050.


International collaboration opportunities

The UK, France and Canada have an excellent science-base in algae research. Several innovative companies are also producing and using macro- and microalgae feedstocks and operate across a variety of market sectors. The workshop reviewed national R&D programmes and ongoing collaborations between the three countries and assessed current and future market opportunities for algae-derived products and processes. It also provided participants from the UK, France and Canada with an opportunity to network and make new business contacts. Breakout sessions facilitated discussions to identify areas where international collaboration can help accelerate the pace of technology development, and to identify business opportunities in European and North American markets where Canadian and UK/French companies can collaborate for mutual benefit.

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