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Want to add value to your algal biomass?

Are you processing algae and want to find ways to add value? Funding opportunities to transform food waste into higher value products is a partnering event brought to you by the Biosciences KTN to provide a forum for the food processing industry (including algae processors) to find the key contacts to enable them to add value and reduce waste. Guidance on funding opportunities in...
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Algal Blooms in China

 Qingdao for the sixth year running is besieged by an algal bloom twice the size of LA. The cause is the macroalgae Ulva profilera but not everyone it seems has a dislike of algal blooms. As can be seen in the article from the Los Angeles Times ( link) people are still taking to the seaweed dense water. This form of seaweed is eaten China and is know as hutia and some 2440 people are...
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Webinar on funding opportunities for Industrial Biotech & SynBio

This KTN webinar provided an update on the upcoming funding opportunities for industrial biotechnology & synthetic biology, with particular focus on the remit of each competition and where applications are likely to fit best. 

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