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Working towards sustainable aviation biofuels from microalgae - could you be part of the solution?

Aviation is one of the fastest growing transport sectors with an expected annual growth of 5% annually up to 2050.

With this in mind, the European Commission, Airbus and high-level representatives from industry have launched the European Advanced Biofuels Flightpath. The roadmap aims to deliver 2 million tons of sustainable biofuels by 2020, including biofuels derived from microalgae.


Algae is part of the solution to delivering sustainable aviation biofuels

It is anticipated that by June 2018, with the development of production plants, 2000 tons of algal oil will be available. By capitalising on its biological, biochemical, industrial symbiosis and biorefining potential, the aviation industry can use microalgae as a tool in ecosystem
services. Find out more in this ABSIG Microalgae for Aviation Biofuels Review (PDF).


Bringing together the entire supply chain to assess opportunities & challenges

If we are to help achieve this ambitious target we will need a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges to (i) growing microalgae at the required scale and (ii) the (approved) conversion technology required. KTN, Innovate UK and NERC would value your input to inform on the practicalities and challenges of growing to scale and the required future strategies and policies on areas such as:

  1. Identifying shortlist of suitable strains 
  2. Identifying appropriate culturing method of those strains
  3. Technical considerations of growing to scale
  4. Technical considerations of converting microalgae to an approved jet fuel
  5. Practicalities: Resources and infrastructure required
  6. Do we need a Working Group?

Please register to join us at Microalgae to Aviation Biofuels on 24th November to input into strategic discussions.
If you cannot attend but would like to contribute your perspective, please contact; 07825727712.



Microalgae to Aviation Biofuels, 24 Nov 2015, Birmingham


Confirmed speakers: Boeing, Airbus, Department for Transport, Sustainable Aviation, AlgaeParc, MicroaA, Green Fuels Research, Avespa Holdings and more...


Who should attend?

  • Microalgae cultivators
  • Conversion technology providers (e.g. HEFA, HTL, F-T)
  • Chemists
  • Engine manufacturers
  • Airplane manufacturers
  • Airline companies
  • Airport operators
  • Fuel companies

Attendees registered to date: Airbus OL, Alex Valley Ltd, AlgaeLink N.V, AlgaePARC, Algenuity, Aljadix, Aragreen (UK) Ltd, Aston University, Avespa, BBSRC, Birmingham City University, Blomley International Environmental & Associates, Boeing, Bouygues Energies and Services, British Algoil, CLFC Ltd, CPI, Dechema GmbH, Department for Transport, Enebio, EPSRC, European Bioenergy Research Institute, Excelsior Bioenergy Ltd, Green Fuels Research Ltd, Heriot Watt University, Industrial Phycology Ltd, Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Ltd, Lodge Cottrell, Manchester Metropolitan University, MASS - Microalgae Separation Systems, Maturus Optimi Industry Consulting, MicroA AS, NERC, Newcastle University, NNFCC, Pera Technology, Riverside Stewardship Company, Rolls Royce, Sampson Solutions Ltd., SAMS, SERE Tech Innovation Ltd, SINTEF, Swansea University, The Austin Company, Thomson Airways, UCL, University of Batch, University of Birmingham, University of Glasgow, University of Hull, University of Nottingham, University of Sheffield, Varicon Aqua Solutions Ltd, Waters Corporation, WRK Design & Services Ltd

Exhibiting: A limited number of exhibition places are available. Secure your place on the website ****If you would like just a table, you can still secure this up to 5pm Monday 23rd November***

Giving a pitch: All oral pitch slots are full, however you can submit 2 Powerpoint slides to be displayed on a screen in the exhibition/networking area. Please submit your slides by 5pm Monday 23rd November 2015 to

Organisers: The Algal Bioenergy Special Interest Group is managed by the Knowledge Transfer Network and funded by Innovate UK and NERC. The role of the ABSIG is to facilitate the development of a robust and sustainable algal industry in the UK.

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