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Want to add value to your algal biomass?

Are you processing algae and want to find ways to add value?

Funding opportunities to transform food waste into higher value products is a partnering event brought to you by the Biosciences KTN to provide a forum for the food processing industry (including algae processors) to find the key contacts to enable them to add value and reduce waste. Guidance on funding opportunities in this area will be provided by KTN staff.

About the event:

Wednesday 11th September

Radisson Blu, Glasgow

Cost: £30

Register and view programme here

Book your 1:1 meetings now.


  • Pre-schedule your 1:1 meetings
  • Case studies
  • Panel discussion - during registration, you will be able to submit a question (anonymously) to our panel who can advise on any issues relating to developing higher value side streams
  • Give a 5 minute pitch – submit your 300 word abstract during registration (limited slots available)
  • Exhibitors (interested in exhibiting? – visit our website for more information)
  • Sponsorship (if you would like to become a sponsor – visit our website for more information)
  • Guidance on funding from KTN staff (e.g. TSB’s Sustainable High Value Chemical Manufacture through Industrial Biotechnology, SMART, SPARK Awards & much more…)

Some of the organisations already registered:


New-Food Innovation ltd

The James Hutton Institute

Pennotec Ltd

University of York

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships


Bouygues E&S Contracting UK Limited

Northumbria University

Swansea University

UK Trade & Investment

Interface Food & Drink

Young's Seafood Ltd

Ecodesign Centre

Leatherhead Food Research

Boots UK Limited

Sea Fish Industry Authority

Biocatalysts Ltd

Biomega, Norway

Nottingham University


Aimed at:

  • Businesses and academia interested in adding value to food processing streams
  • Fish and shellfish breeders & processors
  • Algae processors
  • Catering companies
  • Food retailers
  • Brewing & distilling
  • Industrial biotechnology companies or RTO’s (e.g. bioprocessing, biofuel, bioenergy, biotransformation)
  • Chemical engineers

End-users: food industry, personal care, nutraceuticals, energy providers, pharma, green chemistry: biopolymers & chemicals, fine & speciality chemicals and animal feed companies.

For enquiries, please contact

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Webinar on funding opportunities for Industrial Biotech & SynBio

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