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Programme announced for Design4Life, 2nd July: Learn how to use design to tackle global challenges in health, food & biotech

The KTN is pleased to announce the programme for our Design4Life Workshop which will be held on Thursday 2nd July at 2pm-2.45pm at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH.

If you are interested in attending please register here


Design4Life: How the new trends in health, food and biotech are changing our lives

The world population is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050 with increasing number of older adults in many developed countries and changing diets worldwide. All of this is creating unprecedented challenges in the management of healthcare, food, water and natural resources. Join the health, food and biotechnology teams of the KTN to learn and discuss the new trends in these industries and meet some of the UK's most innovative companies to learn how Design is used to tackle these global challenges.



Companies presenting include:

Ananas Anam Ltd meets the challenges of our times by ensuring that commercial success is integrated with, and promotes social, cultural and ecological development. They develop textiles and textile materials that use processes that enhance the well-being of the earth and its people through the entire life cycle of the products. Their *Cradle to Cradle® approach supports ecological, intelligent and innovative design policies within today's economic environment.

SmartLife Inc Ltd specialises in bringing accurate and comfortable wearable technology to the sport, health & wellbeing, medical and business markets. Smartlife's wearable technology comprises patented textile softsensors which integrate into cutting-edge smart garments. The softsensors, together with the Smartlife Brain, capture signals from the body in real time with lab accuracy and transmit meaningful health and performance information via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. Smartlife are delighted to have won the Sports Technology Award 2015 for Most Promising Concept!

Croda Ltd., Through the imaginative and practical use of science they create ingredients and technologies that improve people's lives in ways they may not realise by enhancing everyday products in many different markets. Croda's business is split into three segments : Consumer Care, made up of: Personal Care, Health Care and Crop Care; Performance Technologies, made up of: Lubricants, Polymer Additives, Coatings and Polymers, Geo Technologies and Home Care and Industrial Chemicals. In all three segments, their focus is on developing and delivering innovative ingredients sustainably.

Cell Therapy Catapult is a not-for profit independent centre of excellence in innovation, their mission is to drive the growth of the industry by helping cell therapy organisations across the world translate early stage research into commercially viable and investable therapies. At the heart of their organisation lie the five core pillars that represent who they are and what they set out to achieve:

  • Dedicated to helping the industry deliver life changing cell therapies to patient
  • Committed to growing and sharing our experience and expertise to lead the transformation of the cell therapy industry.
  • Collaborate to increase efficiency and produce the best possible outcomes to help drive growth.
  • Make risk more manageable through demonstration of success, collaboration and new technologies that deliver advantages across the industry.
  • Lead the UK cell therapy industry to create health and wealth from the UK's outstanding science foundation and make the UK the most compelling and logical choice for our international partners.


If you are interested in attending please register here

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