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PhD opportunity: Establishment of red seaweed mari-culture (RedWeed)

The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), FAI Aquaculture Ltd and The James Hutton Institute are advertising a PhD opportunity for a project on "Establishment of red seaweed mari-culture (RedWeed)"

Closing date for applications: 19th June 2015.

The Phd will be supervised by Dr Michele Stanley (SAMS), Prof John Day (SAMS), Dr Tim Atack (FAI Aquaculture Ltd), and Dr Gordon J. McDougall (The James Hutton Institute)

Although not specifically mandated at present, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of demonstrating environmental sustainability and maintenance or improvement of ecosystem services on consumer purchasing choices. Sustainable production of algae for human food consumption/high value chemicals is of vital importance to the development of robust supply chains for algal products, both now and in the future as highlighted in both the BBSRC Algal Scoping Study (2011) and the NERC/TSB AB SIG's A UK Roadmap for Algal Technologies (2013).

A Marine Research Facility has been in operation at Ardtoe since 1965 and is the business base for FAI Aquaculture Ltd. This company is recognised as a world leader in the development of new aquaculture crops including seaweeds. SAMS (UHI) has been at the forefront of research into seaweed cultivation within the UK since 2004 and James Hutton Institute is at the forefront of research into natural products and food chemistry. This project represents the chance to translate research from the academic partners to the only UK commercial seaweed hatchery, which is one of the companies directly involved in the Crown Estates 30 hectare semi-commercial seaweed-growing trail in Scotland. 


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