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Parliamentary Office of Sciences and Technology publishes note on regulation of synthetic biology

The Parliamentary Office of Sciences and Technology (POST) has published a "note" examining the potential benefits and challenges of synthetic biology.

The overview section of the Regulation of Syntetic Biology POSTnote states:

  • Synthetic biology products are starting to be marketed as high value chemicals, food additives and therapeutics. A wide range of other applications are in development; these may deliver a wide range of benefits.
  • A UK stakeholder engagement exercise and recent reports have identified some potential biosecurity, biosafety, environmental and social concerns.
  • Most current synthetic biology activities are covered by existing EU directives and UK regulations on genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Some novel genome editing techniques, used in both synthetic biology and genetic modification are not necessarily covered by the current GMO regulations because the final product is indistinguishable from one where mutations have occurred naturally


The note can be downloaded from


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Webinar on funding opportunities for Industrial Biotech & SynBio

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