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Learn about biotech licensing and tech transfer in India, webinar on 12th August 2015

The UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) team, and the British High Commission (FCO) in India are hosting a webinar on biotech licensing and tech transfer in India on 12th August 2015, 1030 hrs -1115 hrs(UK time).

The webinar is titled ‘"Update about the Indian biotech industry, government initiatives, and opportunities for UK organisations to understand and explore the Indian Biotech market," and will be presented by an Indian Industry expert, along with UTKI. 

To register  for the webinar , please go to the following link :

The registration is free and the registered candidates get a recording of the webinar as well.


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Webinar on funding opportunities for Industrial Biotech & SynBio

This KTN webinar provided an update on the upcoming funding opportunities for industrial biotechnology & synthetic biology, with particular focus on the remit of each competition and where applications are likely to fit best. 

Download the slide deck >>

Watch the webinar recording >>

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