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Industrial biotech centre offers funding for innovative projects

The Exemplar Programme, run by the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC), is opening for its second round of applications on Tuesday 1 July. The centre is seeking bids for industrially led projects that will show a commercial benefit within 12 months.

The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre hosted at the University of Strathclyde is offering funding of up to £125,000 for business-led projects in the sector.The programme aims to support the development of new products and manufacturing processes to bring them closer to being realised in industry.  It will support collaborative projects that address a defined market need or commercial opportunity through the innovative application of biotechnology.

As well as being led by industry, all projects must involve a collaborative team which includes at least one Higher Education Institute partner.

Projects with a maximum value of £250,000 will be considered, with a maximum of 50% funded by IBioIC. They may involve activities such as strain selection, fermentation optimisation, biochemical analysis

Entries are to be submitted, by the projects’ lead partner, by noon on Tuesday 30 September 2014. Application forms and competition criteria are available at

The first round of applications to the Exemplar Programme was held earlier in 2014. Announcement of the successful applicants is scheduled to be made in July 2014. 

IBioIC is a facility for the development of biological substances, systems and processes to produce chemicals, materials and energy. It aims to promote collaboration between industry and academia, to drive innovation, to find commercial opportunities for new technology and ideas and to support projects that bring biotechnology closer to industrialization.

Funded by the Scottish Funding Council and supported by Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise, the centre is forecast to increase IB-related turnover to up to £3 billion by 2030, create 1500 jobs within five years and put Scotland at the forefront of a global transformation. Further details on the centre can be seen at

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Webinar on funding opportunities for Industrial Biotech & SynBio

This KTN webinar provided an update on the upcoming funding opportunities for industrial biotechnology & synthetic biology, with particular focus on the remit of each competition and where applications are likely to fit best. 

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