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Hello Tomorrow Challenge - €100K equity free funding for early-stage startups and projects

The 2016 Hello Tomorrow Challenge offers a €100K top prize in equity free funding in a global competition for early-stage startups and projects. It is also offering category prizes of €15K in 10 separate ‘tracks’, including in Energy, Food & Agriculture, Healthcare.

Hello Tomorrow is a non-profit organisation headquartered in Paris aiming to accelerate science and tech innovation by empowering startups with cash prizes and connections with investors and industrials. It is supported by the French public and private sectors, but remains an independent body governed by entrepreneurs. To date, 60 early-stage graduates have raised more than $90 million and 57 of them are still operational.

The application deadline is 17 June. 


Supporting 'diamonds in the rough'

For the last three years, Hello Tomorrow has been looking for ‘diamonds in the rough’, meaning science innovators taking technologies out of the lab to transform them into impactful products.

It’s also possible to nominate such a startup, so in addition to requesting applications, Hello Tomorrow is also requesting recommendations, with a chance to win a free ticket to the Hello Tomorrow Summit.


Visibility On A Global Scale

In addition to the cash rewards, the competition offers to maximize exposure of the winning startups, through international media coverage and through being part of its ranking of early-stage SciTech startups in each continent.

Founders of the top 100 startups also get 2 tickets to an invite-only Summit in Paris along with 2,000 peers, investors, executives and journalists.


Furrther information

The application deadline is 17 June.

The grand finale will be held in Paris on 14 and 15 October, at a Hello Tomorrow Summit.

Find out more and apply at

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