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Growing algae for fish feed in agricultural units

GJL & AM Western and the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) received a 2014 ABSIG SPARK Award to investigate algae bioremediation of wastewater from a Jade perch growth system.

Early in 2014 two modern chicken rearing houses became vacant presenting an opportunity to look at different livestock systems. The buildings are well insulated and with the current advantages of biomass heating it was easy to highlight aquaculture over and above other more traditional livestock production systems, especially when there was a borehole water supply. A working relationship was formed with a local fish processor who had sales and logistics structure covering Europe, and an interest in producing quality farmed fish. 

Market research with fish buyers indicated a need for European produced species which would normally have to be imported from Asia. Over the last year two species have been investigated: a sub-tropical fish from Australia and fresh water shrimp. Both are bottom feeders and omnivores which lend themselves to feed on algae. Initial research indicated that to feed it fresh to our fish looked achievable and so create a superior product with high health eating values and ability to achieved organic status and even Label Rouge classification. 

Algae production is often perceived as an industrial process and we are grateful for this ABSIG Spark Award to highlight the opportunity that algae can be grown within an agriculture unit and the product used to advance livestock production. This report highlights a new opportunity which farmers can use current skills and possibilities for the farming industry in the future. 


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Webinar on funding opportunities for Industrial Biotech & SynBio

This KTN webinar provided an update on the upcoming funding opportunities for industrial biotechnology & synthetic biology, with particular focus on the remit of each competition and where applications are likely to fit best. 

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