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Find out what KTN's Access to Funding & Finance (A2FF) team can do to help your business succeed

At New Designers 2015, the Knowledge Transfer Network’s (KTN) Head of Access to Funding & Finance (A2FF) Ian Tracey gave an overview of the funding and support opportunities available to companies in the UK – both public and private.

The remit of KTN’s A2FF team is to:

  • Help companies raise the match funding they need to secure grant funding provisionally awarded
  • Help organisations gain private funding, irrespective of grant funding


The A2FF team can provide:

  • Advice on investable propositions
  • Review and feedback on investment proposals
  • Investor readiness priming
  • Introductions to investor networks suited to you
  • Introductions to further support-providers

The A2FF team is also responsible for running the Venturefest network. Venturefest is a growing network of events across the country that brings together innovators (with great ideas looking for funding), investors (looking for great ideas to invest in), and entrepreneurs (looking to put great ideas and money together to grow successful businesses).

Tracey gave a live demonstration of how to make an effective elevator pitch – getting across your idea and your need in less than a minute, i.e. before everyone stops paying attention. His key features for doing this successfully are:

  • Grab attention – you need to wake up your audience so try posing a question to get them interested.
  • Filter – you don’t need the attention of everyone, so you can use your next line to pique the interest of your target audience. If they know they are the target audience they are likely to pay you more attention.
  • Inform – you have the attention of your target audience so now is the time to tell them what you have that they want and why you are important to them.
  • Action –Give your audience an easy action to follow up with to create the momentum you need.
  • Contact details – now you have the rapt attention of the exact people you need, the last piece of information you want to leave them with is who you are and how they can contact you.

There are lots of support services and funding programmes out there to help take ideas and businesses forwards. For more details of the various programmes covered in this session, please follow the links below.


Support Services:


Funding Opportunities:

Innovate UK is the primary provider of innovation support for companies in the UK. They operate a range of support programmes depending on organisation type, size and need. You can search all their programmes here:


This article was written by KTN Knowledge Transfer Manager – Access to Funding & Finance Kezia Williamson

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