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Check out the programme for the Marine Biomass as Renewable Energy conference, 3-4 Mar 2016, Glasgow

International Conference on Marine Biomass as Renewable Energy
3rd-4th March 2016, Glasgow

One source of biofuels has been identified as marine biomass or marine algae. Many researchers are working on the feasibility of using algae as a feedstock for producing bio-fuels. One example of biofuel from marine algae would be the conversion of Marine biomass to methane via anaerobic digestion, which can generate electricity. Another potential for algae is its potential for biodiesel.

One great characteristic of micro-algae is that it doesn’t rely on soil and land. They thrive in water which is salty or dirty. Therefore, they do not need fresh water resources. Algae also have high growth rates, good growth densities which also makes them a good source for biofuels. Algae can be grown in a variety of climates and in different types of production methods. These can be from photo bioreactors, ponds and fermenters.

There are still however challenges to be overcome and new opportunities in this area. This conference is intended to give an overview of the capabilities in this area.

The conference aims to explore the challenges and opportunities in the area of marine algae as a source of biofuel. It will highlight the recent developments in research areas such as algal cultivation, conversion technologies, and sustainability.

The MBRE conference is being organised with the following objectives:

  • To promote the methodologies, exchange of ideas, procedures, and research in the area of marine biomass for renewable energy.
  • To provide an opportunity to marine experts, marine biologists and researchers, to network and to present, discuss and share information on developments in marine biomass for renewable energy.

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