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Algal Biotechnology Masters at SAMS

The Scottish Marine Institute (SAMS) Masters by Research Programme will provide you with the specialist knowledge and skills required for a career in the exciting growth sector of algal biotechnology.

This demanding Masters programme combines structured professional and essential research skill development, consisting of lectures, tutorials and lab practicals, with an extended research project and preparation of a thesis.  The course provides the underpinning knowledge and skills needed by all biotechnologists and will cover isolation, culturing and enumeration of algae, protistan physiology, microbial biodiversity, state-of-the-art molecular biological skills and bioinformatics, statistics and experimental design, alongside critical business, management and communication skills.

Students will be able to explore micro- and macro-algal taxonomy, systematics, and physiology, in specific relation to the biotechnological exploitation of these organisms focussing on their use as: human/animal food; hydrocolloids; fine chemicals; green fertilizers and as feed-stock to produce algal biofuels. This programme will develop students' critical evaluation and problem-solving skills relating to theoretical and practical knowledge in biotechnology.

SAMS is at the forefront of algal biotechnology research, leading and contributing to a diverse range of multi-disciplinary applied projects including those exploring the application of algae/ algal systems to:

  • Develop future biofuels (oil, biomass, alcohol, methane)
  • Future functional foods
  • Pigments and antioxidants
  • Pollution control and bioremediation
  • Bioactives
  • Aquaculture
  • High value materials

The Algal Biotechnology Masters will be delivered by a team of research-active scientists with considerable expertise in the field, including researchers from the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP), one of the world’s largest collections of algae. You will be based at SAMS, which is an academic partner of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). The graduate community at SAMS consists of approximately 30 full-time postgraduate students who are registered with UHI, with research degrees awarded and accredited by the University of Aberdeen. UHI also offers an active Post Graduate School Programme.


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