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Agricultural and Bio-technologies: mission to New Zealand, September 2015

The British High Commission in New Zealand is pleased to announce that it will host a UK-to-NZ mission on Agricultural and Bio-technologies in September 2015.

The mission is planned to coincide with the NZBIO, New Zealand’s annual biotechnology conference (September 23 and 24) in Wellington, New Zealand, and UK mission participants are encouraged to register and attend the event. Conference registration is available via the NZBIO website (  An earlybird rate is generally available to 31 July.

The High Commission is cooperating with the conference organisers and other NZ organizations to co-host a 90-minute International Opportunities workshop during the conference, where you and other participants may make their own presentations and enter into personal discussions on potential collaborations with New Zealand organisations. 

The conference, the sector's biggest event, brings together about 300 people from all corners of New Zealand and overseas. It provides a national forum for practitioners and experts to examine and discuss industry developments and technologies.

UK visitors may also wish to visit organisations of interest in New Zealand before or after the meetings, and the High Commission will be pleased to assist in making the necessary contacts and arrangements. This announcement is also going to NZ parties who may know of a UK group they wish to alert to the mission.

Some funding (up to £1500) will be available to UK R&D participants who seek to pursue a commercially-orientated collaboration with NZ (on a first-come basis for those who qualify).

At this stage, the High Commission welcome UK interest in the mission. Please respond to the questions below and e-mail if you would like to join the mission.


Questions for UK applicants:

1. Name and position of applicant:  

2. Organisation name and address: 

3. Nature of organisation's business and R&D interest:  

4. Organisations you would like to meet in New Zealand:

5. Your 'pitch' at a mission workshop: Please give a title or topic: 

6. Any other comments.

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