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IBLF Award helps algal company improve their brand identity

Industrial Phycology (i-Phyc) were able to work with Research Media Ltd to improve their brand identity and website, thanks to a 2015 IBLF Award.

i-Phyc is an award-winning SME that offers sustainable water recycling and nutrient recovery solutions, using microalgae at an industrial scale to treat wastewater from agricultural, industrial and municipal sources.

Dr Daniel Murray said, “Research Media worked with i-Phyc to create a modern and innovative brand identity, including logo, typeface, corporate colour scheme and brand guidelines. In addition to this their design team produced a striking infographic to visualise exactly ‘what i-Phyc does’ crafting support text designed to clearly explain to an educated but non-specialist lay person the unique and innovative aspects of i-Phyc. Research Media further worked with us to redesign our current website incorporating all of these visuals and copy to ensure the image of our business was in keeping with its innovative product.

“We recognised that the i-Phyc brand did not reflect the innovative nature of our business. We also recognised the need for clearer visual representation of what we did. Our product is complex and we wanted to make it accessible to a non-specialist audience – widening the impact of i-Phyc’s innovation. A well designed website with clearly written copy and simple calls to action, is an essential tool for any business working in a global marketplace. i-Phyc knew just how important it was to re-work its website to incorporate the new brand identity Research Media had created, ensuring its innovative product could be showcased on a global scale.”

David Lillington of Research Media said, “Research Media were delighted to be recognised by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) as specialist supplier of design and media services to the award winners. We relished the task of demonstrating to i-Phyc our skills and knowledge, creating clarity from complexity through novel design and communication.”

You can view the results of this work, including the infographics, on i-Phyc’s website at

As a consequence of the work made possible by the IBLF award, i-Phyc are now exploring options to further improvements to their website.

This IBLF Award was sponsored by the Scottish Government.







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