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Invitation to 6th European Algae Biomass 2016 Summit, 20-21 April, Berlin

6th European Algae Biomass 2016 Summit
20-21 April 2016, Berlin (EUREF Campus), Germany 

ACI’s 6th European Algae Biomass 2016 Summit will discuss the latest commercial and technical developments, challenges and research breakthroughs throughout the entire algae chain to accelerate commercialization of the algal biomass through applied business strategy. 

The summit will bring together a tightly focused group of top-level executives from algae cultivation plant owners and operators, leading algae/biomass research institutes, technology providers, plant engineers and constructors, algae end market users, biofuel producers and investors. The meeting will be very interactive – there are panel discussions, case studies so for sure many opportunities to network with all of the people from the industry.

Key topics include:

  • Culture Management & Crop Protection
  • Cultivation Systems Productivity: The Limits of Heterotrophy vs Autotrophy and the role of Mixotrophy
  • Optimisation of the Biomass Extraction – Downstream Processing Still a Big Issue
  • Algae Research, Development, Demonstration & Deployment Projects
  • European Regulation Regarding Microalgae Addressed to Feed, Food and Nutraceuticals
  • Moving from R&D – How to Attract Investments Necessary to Upscale
  • What Are the Most Successful Algae Products in Europe and Worldwide?
  • Microalgae as a Sustainable Way to Treat Wastewater


Site Visit to Berlin-Wildau Algue Facility & EUREF Campus

Another highlight on this event there is unique opportunity to join a Dual Site Visit to Berlin-Wildau Algue Facility & EUREF Campus. There is no additional cost to attent, but spaces are strictly limited and allocated on a first come, first basis. The meeting will be hosted at EUREF-Campus, which is currently undergoing installation of PBR plant for microalgae cultivation.


Companies already on board:

Georg Fisher AG(GF Piping Systems), MINT-Microalgae INTegration,  SABIC, AlgoSource, Buggypower (Portugal), AlgoSource, Subitec GmbH, University of Amsterdam, SCHOTT AG, DSM Biotechnology Center, Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Heidelberg Cement, Algenuity  Cluster Biofuels Denmark & Regional Symbiosis Center, Dr.Behr GmbH, Evonik Nutrition & Care Gmbh, Universitat Rovira and Virgili, The Deeside Water Company, GBEX- Global Biomass Exchange, , Algasol Renewables, NATECO2 GMBH & CO KG, TUM School Of Life Sciences Weihenstephan, WZP- GmbH, University of Amsterdam, Cargill Plc, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, MicroBio Engineering, James Cook University, Algatech International, Algue Biomass Organization, Forchungszentru, Haizhibao Deutschland GmbH, Danish Technological Institute, Proman, SILAB, Ecoduna produktions-GmbH and more joining in next weeks…


Find out more and register at

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Webinar on funding opportunities for Industrial Biotech & SynBio

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