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Dutch algae opportunity map highlights the potential for using algae as an animal feed

Researchers at Wageningen UR, in collaboration with Nevedi and Natuur & Milieu, have recently produced an “algae opportunity map” (unfortunately only available in Dutch) and a report to argue the case for using algae in livestock feeds.

They believe that algae is a very appropriate feedstuff, and that it can produce better eggs, milk and meat, and that it improves growth rates in pigs, poultry and lambs.

“In addition, algae are rich in protein,” says Wageningen UR algae expert Rommie van der Weide. “This makes them an interesting alternative to soy, which often has to be transported across long distances – from South America, say. While it is possible to produce algae in the Netherlands, they are still too expensive to compete with soy.”

They are currently trialling algae are produced in photobioreactors and open ponds in animal feeds, mineral licks and a feed supplement for horses.

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Story source: Wageningen UR news, 3 Feb 2015

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Webinar on funding opportunities for Industrial Biotech & SynBio

This KTN webinar provided an update on the upcoming funding opportunities for industrial biotechnology & synthetic biology, with particular focus on the remit of each competition and where applications are likely to fit best. 

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