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Learn about the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre at the IBioIC conference, 22 January, Glasgow

IBioIC - The Journey's Started
22 January 2015, Glasgow

2014 has been a significant year for the IB sector in Scotland. Having been identified as a key growth area, the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC), was launched to promote and facilitate collaboration within industry and academia, to drive innovation, find commercial application for new technology and ideas, and support projects that bring biotechnology closer to industrialisation.

This conference is set to be IBioIC's largest event to date and will provide a multidisciplinary forum for industrialists, educators, thought leaders, students and researchers to meet, present and discuss the impact of IBioIC activity over 2013/14 and demonstrate the capabilities and possibilities that exist for Scottish IB!

With keynote addresses from:

  • Jim Philp, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Director for Industrial Biotechnology, EuropaBio
  • Ian Shott, Chairman, IBioIC

Other conference highlights will include:

  • A showcase of Leading members, featuring case studies and the value add of their IBioIC membership to date
  • Industrial upskilling - the launch of the IBioIC collaborative MSc in IB and PhD studentships programme
  • Exhibition opportunities
  • Poster sessions - from industrialists, academics and our new cohort of PhD students
  • Networking opportunities throughout the day
  • Discussions on the five themes of IB demonstrating the capabilities of Scottish IB in 1: sustainable feedstocks, 2:biotransformations, 3: synthetic biology, 4: downstream processing, 5: integrated bioprocessing

Find out more and register at

To raise your company's profile and maximise your exposure to key contacts within the IB sector, please contact IBioIC for information on sponsorship and or exhibition opportunities.

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Webinar on funding opportunities for Industrial Biotech & SynBio

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