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Can algae help solve the problem of NOx released from biomass?

Dr Naomi Ginnever, a member of the EnAlgae team, has written an interesting article exploring the potential of to solve the problem of what to do gases from wood biomass burning.

Nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide (NOx) are released during the burning of wood biomass, and this can be news for governments who are desperately trying to meet emissions targets. However, the EnAlgae research has yielded some potentially promising results with algae “fed” on nitric acid out-growing the control group grown using conventional nutrient sources.

Dr Ginnever wrote “This proof-of-concept investigation illustrates the potential of using algae to remediate flue gases from wood biomass burning.”

“At Swansea we have had great success using wood pellet flue gas to grow algae and we will be continuing this research with interest. Algae produce very high value products for which there is already an established market. Co-locating algal production facilities with industrial facilities burning wood and biomass would provide great potential for an added revenue stream whilst remediating regulated gases.”

You can read the full article at (page 30)


Story source: EnAlgae news, 3 Sep 2014

Reference: Dr Naomi Ginnever. Can algae help solve the problem of NOx? Panel, wood & Solid Surcface, August/September 2014. Page 30.



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