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ERA-IB funding competition – Deadline for pre-proposals 31 March

This is the fifth call for multilateral research projects using Industrial Biotechnology (IB) is launched by ERA-IB, a mechanisms supported by the European Commission.

Its main goal is to encourage academics and industrial researchers with expertise in IB to work together across the whole value chain. By co-funding this call, the organizations will contribute to less fragmentation of resources and an increase in transnational networking. Cross-border partnerships are important objectives to achieve sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based products.

A document is available here which gives more details on who can participate, the restrictions and funding options.

Projects are funded for 3 years.

The Technology Strategy Board is contributing £1m for industry participation.

Funding is carried out by the ‘nationality principle’, meaning each participating nation or regional funding agency funds their respective national research partners in the consortium.

Consortia can include:

·         Large companies

·         SME’s

·         Research groups/organisations


Scope of the competition:


1. Conversion of industrial by-products and biomass into value-added products  

2. Novel systems for new, more sustainable processes (bio-catalysts such as enzymes, micro-organism and cell-free biosynthesis systems)

3. New compounds from existing, but not well studied biological systems, by

understanding their metabolic pathways. Modelling and optimization of biological unit operations / modelling for the improvement of cellular bio-processes

5. Process development, intensification and/or integration in existing industrial

processes (e.g. downstream and scale-up, process design, scalability)



1. Development of new functional materials / properties from renewable resources

2. Development of platform chemicals including bio-monomers, oligomers and polymers

3. Biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, functional food/feed ingredients *


Function-based bio-products: from function to process

1. Function-based bio-products and bio-process design

*Please, check national/regional regulations since some of these topics may be not

suitable for all agencies.

Projects are required to assess environmental impacts.


You can find out more on the ERA-IB website via this link

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