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CSIRO is seeking commercial and collaborative research partners in the field of biobased technologies

Research at CSIRO has developed a platform conversion technology that is able to convert terpene feedstock from biomass into renewable monomers and platform chemicals that are precursors able to construct or modify biopolymers.

This renewable chemicals opportunity is producing, evaluating and modifying novel terpene based building blocks which can then be used to produce a range of value-added renewable/bio-based products. These products can be molecularly equivalent, functionally equivalent or even exhibit superior technical performance to existing products, without relying on finite fossil fuel resources or exhibiting harmful effects on the environment.

CSIRO has been prioritising the commercial discourse around the following renewable chemicals and high-value products from the proprietary platform technology:

  • BIO-AROMATICS: superior to incumbent petro-chemicals or newer renewables in the construction of polymers.

  • BIO-OLEFINS: polymers produced from a renewable olefin focussed primarily on thermoplastic polyolefins.

  • FUNCTIONAL CHEMICALS & MONOMERS: bio-additives that offer novel functionality or performance to plastics

The applications of the technology and the renewable chemicals span the materials, chemicals (fine chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals) and the energy industries. In addition to existing commercial collaborations with significant industrial entities, CSIRO is seeking business and research partners; and funding opportunities to scale-up and commercialise the technology.

Kindly address any queries to:

Dr Sharad Rajendran
Business Development Manager I Biobased Fibers and Industrial Products
CSIRO Plant Industry
T +61 3 9662 7354
M 0477729873
F +61 3 9662 7410

343 Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria, 3052

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