Inaugural Workshop of the Algal Bioenergy Special Interest Group


Overview of the Event

To launch this network an inaugural meeting was held in London on 26-27th October 2011, which included a dinner reception on the evening of 26th.

Presentations on the first day of the event provided a background to the AB-SIG network and included information relevant to NERC's Strategic Research Priorities and how these relate to the emerging algal bioenergy industry sector. The commercial perspective of the opportunities and challenges for algal-dervied bioenergy was then provided by an industry expert from the aviation sector, followed by a presentation from the AB-SIG Director who introduced the network and its main aims.

The second day presentations included an overview of the Technology Strategy Board's (now known as Innovate UK) Bioscience Strategy, a general overview of the Cross-Research Council's activites relevant to bioenergy and an introduction to the European Energy Research Alliance bioenergy programme by UKERC.

The Consultant commissioned to undertake the Strategic Research Agenda for the AB-SIG, NNFCC, then introduced the Interim Report and led breakout sessions to discuss the report's findings.

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