Alastair McGibbon

Dr Alastair McGibbon

Director of Research, Development & Innovation Policy



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Pastures New

Please note that the main contact for NMP NCP moving forward will be Craig Sharp ( Craig has been delivering NMP successfully for a number of years, and will give you excellent support.


I am off to pastures new, and will cease to be NCP. It has been a pleasure and a privelige to serve as NMP NCP since the very start of of FP7, and I wish everybody applying into FP7 continued success in the future.


Best Regards





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Alastair, thanks for informing the community, its been a pleasure working with you over the past few years and I wish you success for the future.
Posted on 23/08/11 11:50.
Alastair, you and me both. I'm leaving KTN land at the end of next week and going back into industry. All the best for the future. It has been great working with you and I hope our paths will cross in the future.
Posted on 23/08/11 12:24.
Alistair, good luck for the future whatever it may be.
I have joined the AAD KTN having left the Aerospace teachnology team at BIS at the end of June.
Best wishes, Richard
Posted on 23/08/11 13:42.
Cheers Toby - all the best to you too.
Posted on 23/08/11 13:58 in reply to Toby Gill.
Thanks Jackie -all the best

Posted on 23/08/11 13:58 in reply to Jackie Butterfield.
Hi Richard - we may well meet again! I'll be Director of Research, Development and Innovation at NMI - strong focus on supporting electronic systems supply chains right through to the end users such as BAe Systems and RR.

Posted on 23/08/11 14:01 in reply to Richard Pitman.