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BSRIA Instrument Solutions is able to offer a complete testing package for BPE participants

With a proven track record of providing equipment to into EST/TSB projects (50+ on the Retrofit for the Future alone), BSRIA Instrument Solutions is able to offer BPE participants a comprehensive instrumentation and testing package. 

Developed using sensors and data logging equipment from a number of different manufacturers, participants are offered a complete easy-to-use wireless solution to their monitoring requirements. In addition to a number of standard transmitters for use with the data collection hub, and BSRIA Instrument Solutions have developed additional pieces of instrumentation for further measurement parameters. Transmitter types include:-

• Internal temperature and humidity
• External temperature and humidity including probe housing
• Surface temperature
• Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
• Heat Flux
• Solar / Pyranometer
• Electrical power (circuit and individual appliance)
• 4-20mA
• Pulse (from utility meters)

Further information on the wireless can be found at

Other services offered to BPE participants from BSRIA are: Building airtightness (domestic and commercial), thermal imaging, co-heating tests and insitu determination of U-values.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further please or a quotation please drop me a note or call me on 01344 465563.

Alan Gilbert.  Instrument Rental Manager – BSRIA Instrument Solutions

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