Adrian Bayley

Mr Adrian Bayley

Project Co-ordinator (Sustainability)

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Our network is expanding

Lots has been happening here at Systain-able as we explore our high-growth potential. We have the support of a highly capable business coach who understands our cutting-edge approach to embedding sustainability in businesses and communities. We help people to understand the 'missing' cultural-environmental link that informs innovation in our post-environmentalist age.

We spent an enjoyable day in Somerset meeting contacts that we made at the second Sustainability Show in Taunton. We learnt a lot about how the education sector is adapting to a sustainable future. We saw the Energy Skills Centre at Bridgwater College that runs bespoke courses for major employers in Somerset and visited the excellent Genesis Project that teaches new sustainable construction skills to tradespeople and students at Somerset College. Each part of the building is constructed using a sustainable building practice - timber, straw and mud are all featured and used in a variety of ways. It was good to explore with them the wider meaning of sustainability and the importance of lifelong learning and personal development.

Our links to universities continue to increase and the extent and variety of projects that we are invited to contemplate is very exciting for us. We are very impressed at the way universities are combining with industry and commerce to drive innovative and sustainable solutions. Our university partners are keen to work with us on TSB funded projects and we are very pleased to have been invited to join the Environmental Sustainability KTN.

We are now Systain-able

Systain-able is an amalgamation of two companies with the same ethos and ambitions for a sustainable world. Technology aimed at increasing participation towards sustainability is a key focus for us. For more information please visit our new website at

Please follow our  new _Connect blog here.

AB Community Research has joined forces with B2C Business Solutions (a systems-thinking company). We started Systain-able because we are concerned about the neglected social aspects of sustainability and the urgency required to move towards a sustainable future.

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