Breakfast at Goodwood - New car or classic?

Yesterday's first Sunday of the month Breakfast Meeting of car enthusiasts at Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex featured mainly pre-1966 cars of all types.   These represented road transport from a bygone age of less traffic, no rural speed limit and far fewer people able to afford cars.  Nostalgia can be misleading, but seductive nonetheless.  I was pondering in conversation with my friend a what if scenario of owning a 1960s Jaguar E-Type versus a new Jaguar F-Type;  both were there and would cost about the same to buy now, one brand new the other nearly 50 years old and both beautiful.  

Seeing two Jaguar sports cars of different eras side by side illustrated progress in automotive technology about as well as it could be.  Although the F-Type is about 25% heavier than the E-Type, it is very much faster, and will travel 50% further on a gallon of fuel than the E-Type.  Plus it has superior occupant protection, comfort, road holding, etc, etc.  I was not about to buy either so no decision was required, but these two cars from the same stable created some 50 years apart showed the advances in automotive engineering and manufacturing processes for which all those who could claim any input should be proud.

The Transport KTN covers all modes, so I make no apologies for digressing from Marine, which I'll cover another time.....

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