The Adaptive Optics Group

The Adaptive Optics sub-group is an informal group uniting representatives of industry and academia with common interests in Adaptive Optics. Representatives from both development side and user communities are encouraged to join.

The scope of interest of the Adaptive Optics sub-group includes all areas where AO technology is relevant. These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Astronomy (including all flavours of AO and ETLs…),
  • Bio-medical imaging (microscopy, retinal imaging…),
  • Free-space optics,
  • Laser applications (laser machining, coherent combining of fibres…),
  • Wavefront measurements technology,
  • Deformable mirrors and phase correctors technology,
  • Space and defence applications,
  • Emergent technologies and new applications in AO,
  • Any others.

These application areas are developed and animated by the group itself and will evolve over time.

Information dissemination on novel technologies, community needs and business opportunities will be at the core of sub-group activities. We aim to stimulate a significant number of collaborations both in the academy and industry and to work with our members to identify appropriate funding sources.

This sub-group is made up of technology companies, academia, policy developers, end-users and many others.


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