Connecting the AO Community

The majority of the Adaptive Optics sub-group activities relate to the dissemination of information of interest and providing support to member organisations to help them identify and address relevant opportunities for the development and exploitation of Adaptive Optics technology.

This is achieved by, but not limited to, the sub-group website, physical and virtual meetings and workshops and one to one interactions with member organisations… To gain maximum benefit members are encouraged to actively participate in sub-group activities. For example: by providing content for the website, giving presentations at virtual (online webinars) and physical meetings and raising issues affecting the community and helping the Adaptive Optics sub-group develop solutions to these.

The goal of the sub-group is to make it easier for organisations looking for particular expertise or technology in this field and to facilitate the identification of relevant universities and companies that can provide it. It can facilitate activities such as finding partners for collaborative R&D projects and identifying exploitable technologies.


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