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PSF reconstruction: 2 day meeting@LAM

To the interested community:

Following up the FP7-Opticon WP1 Kick-Off (Grenoble, 1-2 July 2013), we're now organising a 2-day meeting at LAM, Marseille, on January 29-30 2014 to kick start work on work-package 1.4.5: PSF reconstruction.

A brief outline is as follows:

1) a review of astronomers (and signal processing specialists) requirements for PSF reconstruction for WFoV: what is needed, what is expected, what is reasonable to ask ;)
2) the various approaches for wide FoV PSF reconstruction. Similarities, differences. Who is working on what and how. Advantages, drawbacks,  possibility of common approaches ?
3) the model validity : what are the assumptions, do we have any idea of their validity ? Impact of split between reality and models ?
4) What (and where) are the possibility of validations (lab, on-sky). Access to data ...
5) The importance of inputs concerning turbulence and system parameters.
- what kind of data (required and available). Are telemetry data sufficient? do we need external measurements ?
- what kind of accuracy
- what are the current plan for their measurements
etc ... (this is not a comprehensive list though)

Note however that this activity is tightly linked with all the turbulence estimation, identification and control activities. The idea is therefore to gather around the same table people working on


1) PSF reconstruction for wide FoV systems (WP1.4.5)
2) Cn² profile estimation (WP1.4.4)
3) The interaction matrix calibration (and more generally all the system parameters) (WP1.4.3)
4) identification of model parameters for tomographic reconstruction (WP1.4.2)
5) Optimal tomographic control (WP1.4.1)

Please feel free to forward this announcement to those around you. The workshop is fully open to everyone who may be interested !

We'll prepare a final agenda in the following weeks and we'll keep you posted. Please let us know whether you plan to attend and in case you're willing to make a presentation provide a brief outline.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Marseille,

Thierry, Carlos and Benoît

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